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bulletMarket Focus
bulletTextile & Garment Processing
bulletYarn / Thread Lubricants and Fiber Finishes
bulletDye-bath Lubricants
bulletTextile Specialty Finishing Softeners
bulletSilicone Emulsions / Softeners


bulletProduct Technology Focus
bulletEnzymes for Textile & Garment Processing
bulletSilicone Fluids and Waxes
bulletAminofunctional, Dimethyl
bulletSilicone Oils, Softeners and Emulsions, De-foam Products
bulletSpecialty Textile Finishing.
bulletPowder Handling & Toll Manufacturing
bulletCustom-made Formulations


bulletManufacturing Capabilities
bullet66,000 sq. ft. Production and R&D facility located at Tanjong Penjuru
Industrial Estate in Singapore.
bulletThree reaction vessels which employ dedicated Stainless Steel lines.
One 10MT vessel and Two 5MT vessels.
bulletManufacturing capability using reaction vessels with ability for hyper-
atmospheric temperature heating and high shear mixing and
vacuum capabilities.
bulletIndoor and outdoor storage tanks with capacity of 80,000 gallons.


bulletR&D Capabilities
bulletExpertise in developing Enzyme based products and solutions for textile &
garment wet processing needs.
bulletExpertise in Silicone Chemistry Synthesis and Textile Finishing.
bulletExpertise in formulating with Silicones.
bulletProduct Development Laboratory fully equipped to conduct routine wet laboratory, instrumental analysis and synthesis.









Our laboratory, for research and development of tomorrow’s new chemicals.









Our blending facilities of 3 reactors, two units of 5 ton and one unit of 10 ton for the production and blending of our products.



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