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bulletINNOWET 100 XT
bulletA special softener preparation with excellent water absorbent properties. It is non-yellowing and can be used in towel finishing, knit finishing and on white fabrics.


bulletINNOMAC 100
bulletA nonionic macro-emulsion of an amino-modified silicone fluid.


bulletINNOFOAM S17, S34
bulletIs a versatile antifoam that is comparatively rich in emulsifier.


bulletA non-ionic emulsion of an amino-functional silicone fluid with an active substance content of 38%.


bulletINNOSOFT 1800
bulletA nonionic micro-emulsions of an amino-modified silicone fluid.


bulletINNOSOFT 1820
bulletA concentrated, effective silicone starter material to produce water clear softener micro-emulsions.


bulletINNOJET 100
bulletA composition containing a self-dispersing amino-functional silicone fluid.
Highly recommended and suitable for use in Jet Dyeing machines.


bulletINNOJET 1020
bulletA concentrate effective silicone softener for no silicone spot. Suitable for
use in high speed Jet dyeing machines.


bulletINNOSIL SE-4000
bulletA concentrated emulsion based on non-reactive polydimethylsiloxane intended to make ready-to-use silicone emulsions that can be used in various treatment of fibres and fabrics.


bulletINNOSOFT 182-S
bulletIs a high solids silicone softener emulsion that is suitable for all types of textiles and fibrous mateials.


bulletINNOZONE AOZ is a textile softener preparation to provide excellent anti-ozone protection for indigo denims from yellowing.


bulletA cationic / non-ionic softeners that are soluble in cold water and is designed for application to all synthetic and natural fibers by exhaustion, padding or spraying.

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