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INNOWET 100XT A special softener preparation to be used in the finishing of terry towels, bath towels, knit cotton, synthetics and blends.  It helps to impart softness and excellent water absorbent properties for towels and fabrics.  It also imparts a bulk handle and brightness to the treated fabrics.


INNOSOFT AK800 / AK1600 Concentrated anionic softener preparation to be used in cotton knit garments, towels, and white fabrics.  It provides smooth handle and anti-static properties on cotton, synthetics and blends.  It gives slick hand and provides very good water absorbent properties suitable for undergarments.  It improves sewability with reduced pin-hole problems.  It is totally non-yellowing and can be used on white fabrics. 


INNOSOFT 1800 A high concentrate amino silicone starter material to produce water clear softener micro-emulsions.  It is an ideal softener for various fabrics like CO, PES, CV and blends thereof.  The product has a very low yellowing tendency and a hydrophilic character.


INCOLUB DB1030 An exhaustible lubricant that can be applied to exhaustion process on Textured or Spun Polyester thread.  It is an excellent lubricant for medium and heavy duty sewing thread.  The emulsion has evenly distributing properties on Spun Polyester thread. 


SILICONE FLUIDS 100% amino functional silicone fluids are available for formulators on specific request.  Products available are INNOSIL 1360 and INNOSIL 3090.


SILICONE EMULSIFIERS Effective emulsifying agent for amino functional silicone fluids, helps to give a very homogenous, clear micro emulsion.  Products available are INNEMUL E1990 and INNOSURF 864.



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